Such a good day!

Sweet Rina,

Today was such a better day than yesterday and I’m really thankful for it! Yesterday started with me waking up and wanting to crawl right back under the covers. It was just one of those days: I was exhausted from the get-go, I had a nagging headache (I still do today, for the 4th day in a row!), renovations were being done to the deck outside, right above your bedroom (therefore, you didn’t nap at all yesterday and was miserable for it) and when I finally put you down for the night, the landlord started chopping wood. I swore if they woke you up, I was going to force them to put you back to sleep, but you stayed sound asleep!

Today, however, was a completely different story. I woke up feeling refreshed, managed to clean everything on my “cleaning list” this morning and we went out for a lovely walk to Blenkinsop Trestle and back. I have to say, I only gave you my undivided attention for the 2nd half of the walk as I was enjoying catching up on the phone with a friend (Jo) from Montreal. We talked for about an hour and you seemed pretty content in your stroller so I didn’t see any harm to it! However, on the second half of our walk, we were having a grand time, chit-chatting to one another and just enjoying the beautiful day. I was surprised to see these by the side of the trail:

Sorry about the crappy phone picture, but those are DEAD LEAVES!!!

Dead leaves?!? Already? We barely had any summer and now the leaves are already falling down? It also smelt like autumn! I guess we better enjoy our walks outside from now on as I’m guessing the beautiful sunny days are now counted! I also found another “cocotte”, one that was pretty enough to pick and bring back home so it can rest on your window sill in your room. I didn’t bring back the one I’d found in Campbell River as I figured it would get crushed in my bag, but this is definitely a keeper, just like you!

A beautiful cocotte just for you my darling Cocotte!

You see? Overall, we had a lovely and amazingly good day. Days like this, I could take forever. They make me love and appreciate every second of my life!

Mom & Dad Xxo


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