9 months old and no longer a giant

Sweet Rina,

Today, you are 9 months old. Time flies and I have no idea where it’s going, but you are becoming a lovely little girl everyday that goes by. You dish out your smiles to strangers like they are going out of style and in return, you are collecting compliments and everyone fawns over you! We went for your check-up this morning and I was a bit worried/frustrated when we came back home as we’ll have to go in again in about a month’s time. All because of your new stats. You now weigh 18lbs 15oz (which puts you in the 50th percentile and is very weird considering we weighed you at home about a month ago and you weighed 23lbs) and measure 70cm (also 50th percentile). Your head remains small and I think you’ve now dropped back to the  10th percentile at 42cm. The doctor is a little worried that you’ve slowed down in the growth and weight department and that’s why she wants to see you again next month. I think you look fine if we take into consideration that I am nearly a midget and your Dad, although he is average, isn’t the tallest person either. Add to that your genes from both families and I think you’re doing just fine.

Furthermore, according to the doctor, I should be giving you more baby formula in a day. I said fine by me and if she had any suggestion as to how to achieve this as you literally push your bottle away when you’ve had enough and will keep your lips sealed if I try to give you more. The only suggestion she had was to offer you a sippy cup (which you refuse). I said I would mix your morning cereal with some formula, but that you will never get anywhere close to the 21-24oz/day she wants you to drink on top of all the food you eat. You have 3 solid meals/day, about 2 snacks and 3 bottles (11-18oz total/day). If I listen to her, I would be feeding you every minute you’re awake. Not happening as we like to go for walks and play together once in a while. Plus, you’re not super skinny, you have some nice rolls on your legs, you just don’t look like a sumo wrestler is all.

Sorry for the rant, it just got me a bit frustrated that we’ll have to go back in a month just to weigh and measure you (which I can very well do at home). What frustrates me the most is that although we have to go back, it will be another 2-hours ordeal for a 10mins consultation with the doctor as she is never on time with her appointments. Grrr!

The only good thing about today’s appointment is that I got you some cortisone ointment for your patches of eczema on your belly and back. Hope it helps you soon!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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