It’s a hot one!

Sweet Rina,

I managed to get all my chores out of the way early in the morning and we took off for a walk early afternoon.I had grand ambitions of doing the loop around Swan Lake and hiking up to Christmas Hill with you on my back, but as we stepped outside into the blazing, gorgeous 28ºC day, I knew I was only going to stick around the lake. There was no way I was going to take us up the hill today! It normally takes us 45mins to go around the lake loop and today, it took us 1hr. I was slowed down by the heat and we also took some time to look at sparrows and ducks.

Coming back home, I even took out the fans (the same fans your Dad and I were just mentioning over the weekend, saying we hadn’t had to use them this year 😉 ) and put one in your room so you could catch a somewhat comfortable nap and I could also be comfortable in the living room. I’m just thankful our place is naturally cool, being closer to the ground.

I think the heat is getting to you as you are napping again. Here’s to hoping it will cool off as the sun goes down and we get a cool night!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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