It’s been a great day for my Run for the Cure!

Sweet Rina,

The day started really great with a few more pledges to my Run for the Cure against breast cancer. Then, the day went from great to amazing when I REACHED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL!!! It made me feel all fuzzy inside to know that people care so much about us and Mamie. Now, I’d like to see if I can even surpass my fundraising goal! For some reason, even tough I have nothing to do with the pledges from the generous people who gave to our cause, it made me feel really proud to reach that goal. I was beaming for pretty much the entire day!

Then, we received a phone call from Mamie asking if everything was fine on the island. I was a bit puzzled by her question, but she then elaborated, explaining that there had been a 6,7 Richter scale earthquake originating from here. I told her we were all fine, playing outside and enjoying the beautiful sun and we felt nothing of the earthquake. I didn’t even hear any emergency services sirens (and we live pretty close to the fire station)!

In other news, I’ve also booked us for one more trip on the east coast before I’ll return to work from my maternity leave (Yikes!) We’ll be spending a week in Ontario to stay with your Grandma and Nonno (and visit with Auntie Sandra!) and then we’ll make our way to Quebec to stay with Mamie and Grand-Papa and hopefully, see uncle Etienne and a few of Mama’s friends! You see, this week is turning out to be a great week!


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