10 Things I love about you

Sweet Rina,

As your Dad is working hard this weekend, it’ll be just us girls! The weather has had a definite autumnal feel to it and it’s been quite overcast too 😦 I’ve spent some time this morning re-arranging your drawers and sorting out through your clothes in order to figure out what you’ll need for the colder weather. It makes more sense now too, the way I’ve arranged things in your drawers.

After you woke up from your morning nap, I fed you and then brought your stroller out to walk to the grocery store. I love that you get all excited when I sit you down in your stroller. It’s as if you’re telling me that you know we’ll be going outside and you quite enjoy it! It got me thinking about all the things you do that crack me up and make me love you so very much:

  1. Your piercing blue eyes. I can’t resist those baby blues!
  2. Your drool-drenched kisses
  3. Your toothy smile
  4. Your laugh and giggles. I could tickle you forever, just to hear you burst out laughing
  5. Your dimple. Yes, singular, as you only have one on your right cheek
  6. Your goof-like attitude (you laugh when you toots and when you sneeze)
  7. Watching you discover your new abilities, whether it’s screeching, dancing, crawling, pulling yourself up, clapping your hands, etc…
  8. Seeing the love in your eyes when you look at or play with your Dad
  9. Seeing how your cooing changes when you cuddle the stuffies you love (it gets more high-pitched and syrupy, I’ll have to try to catch it on video one of these days!)
  10. How aware you are of your surroundings (door opening, birds chirping, kids playing, Ayla the dog)
These are only ten things I love about you, but there are thousands more. I love that you’ve made me a mom and I love what you’ve brought to our family. Basically,
WE LOVE YOU, little Monkey!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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