Great day to be outside!

Sweet Rina,

My day started early (0630) as I was going to my Iyengar yoga class. Since your Dad had to also leave early for work, we got your Sitter to fill in the gap between your Dad’s departure and my return from Yoga. She had it easy as you slept for the whole hour she was there!

While you were sleeping, I called Mamie. She is doing great and is halfway done with her chemotherapy! 🙂 So far, she has suffered only minor side effects and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will remain this way! Speaking of Mamie, you can still donate to my Run for the Cure Fundraising. For some reason, it says I’ve raised $550, but I’m really at $600. Only $50 more in order to reach my second goal!

Also, (keeping with the fundraisers ;)) our friend Jenn is raising money to go to Haiti. She will be going to Haiti November 26 to provide healthcare and is trying to fundraise money for her travel and stay. I think it’s a really great cause and any amount to support her would be helpful! You can go to her page and give her some moolah by clicking on the following link. She doesn’t know I’ve linked her page to this post and it would be nice to surprise her with some help for her cause, so go ahead and give generously!

After lunch, we walked to the grocery store (I think I’ve been there EVERY DAY this week!) to get you some more Ibuprofen to help with your teething, I think your missing front teeth is trying to make an appearance and you woke up with a red cheek and crabby mood 😦 Oh well, some days are better than others! After the grocery store, we kept on walking (well, I walked and you lounged in your stroller) for about 1hr. It was really chilly this morning when I left for yoga, but it was nice out! The sun was warm, it smelt of autumn and you could hear the crispy leaves on the ground when we walked on them. You seemed to have a good time and I did too! Now you’re napping and I’ll do a bit of reading. Life is just peachy ain’t it?!?


Mom & Dad Xxo

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