Last days of summer…

Sweet Rina,

Since it was a really nice day today, we hooked up with our new friend from the park (with her daughter, of course) and decided to go for a walk around Swan Lake. They’ve been living here for 5 years and had never been there before! We had a nice time and it was really nice to speak French for well over an hour! Don’t get me wrong, I speak French to you all the time, but I don’t really get much feedback from you! 😉 Although, I’m not quite sure, but I think you said “Fini” after you were done drinking your bottle tonight!

After our walk, you (finally) took a nap! It’s been a struggle to get you to nap lately as you are teething and I think you’re trying to get rid of a nap during the day. However, today, you had a good nap this afternoon and I sat outside with a magazine and enjoyed the sunny day”

I may have dozed off shortly after this picture was taken! 🙂


It had been a while since I took some time to myself, no cleaning, cooking or folding laundry during the day and it felt good to do so. When you woke up, you had dinner and then we did a quick run to Walmart (I know, I know) to get your Dad some coffee and I also found a few pieces of clothing that were too cute to resist! After all, you’ll have to be cute when we go on our trip to see your grandparents! 14 days until we leave! It’ll be nice to see everyone, but I will miss your Dad A LOT! I’m sure it’ll fly by though and we have Skype, so we should be ok.

Sweet dreams my gorgeous girl,

Mom & Dad Xxo

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