Dog-sitting and good company

Sweet Rina,

Today, we got to dog-sit Ayla. She came to hang out with us while you slept (and slept, and slept some more. Making up for all those missed nap, are you?!?). It was all good though as Little K came over for a lovely visit. We got to chat uninterrupted while Ayla snored on the carpet.  When you woke up, I put you in your back pack and we all took off for the Swan Lake / Christmas Hill loop. I couldn’t believe Little K had never been there before. The view from the top is usually so nice, but since it was overcast today, here’s what it looked like (taken with my iPhone, sorry)

Still a lovely vista, despite all the clouds

We came back home and Little K had to leave (she’s working tonight) and you and I went to get Ayla once more. We played outside a little and then you pretty much chased poor Ayla around the apartment. She could easily escape you (as she’s mastered the 4-leg walking and you’re still figuring out the whole crawling thing), but I could tell she was getting a little bit overwhelmed with your incessant chasing and screeching at her! I let her out of her misery and sent her back in the peace of her own home (she lives upstairs from where we live). Overall, it was another great day! Tomorrow, we’ll get together with SuperMama and her SuperGirls and I’ll try to do something with the fuzzball that my hair has become! Should be interesting!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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