Feeling better and home-cooking

Sweet Rina,

I’m glad to say that you had a much better day today! After I published my post yesterday, SuperMama texted me that she had just bought an amber teething necklace for the SuperGirls as they are working through their molars. Considering it was very reasonably priced, I decided to go get you one. I’ll try anything and if it doesn’t work, it’s still pretty on you! I also took the opportunity to get you a Ringley Teething Toy which you quickly shoved in your mouth and proceeded to drool all over! I guess this one’s a keeper! 😉

You had 2 lovely naps today (totally 3:30hrs!) and after your dinner, we went for an hour-long walk in the neighbourhood. I’m trying to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as I can as it is supposed to rain up until we leave for the east coast!!! That’s right! Tomorrow, the clouds will roll in and it’s supposed to rain  EVERY DAY for the next 11 days! 😦

Oh well, all this gloomy weather calls for some comfort food. I am currently roasting some tomatoes, onions and garlic (Hmmm, roasted garlic!) in order to cook this delicious looking soup from Oh She Glows. The aroma floating in the house is indescribable! I can’t wait to taste the final result!

Tomorrow, we have another full day: yoga for me in the morning, then I need to go pick up my Run for the Cure race packet and then, we have our make-up “date” with SuperMama and the SuperGirls! It should be a fun-filled day! THe only person missing will be your Dad as he is working all weekend again. He’s back in the full swing of things at work and I think he misses spending some time with you 😦 I will admit, I miss spending some time with him too. Next weekend though, he should be home with us! 🙂


Mom & Dad Xxo

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