Best. Traveler. EVER!!!

Sweet Rina,

You’ve proven yourself as the best baby world traveler, yet again! After being woken up at 0345 without any complaints, you went on to falling asleep on the short plane ride from Victoria to Vancouver. You then slept for 1h30 (I slept too!) from Vancouver to Toronto. You ate like a champ at the Toronto airport and went on to sleep on the plane from Toronto to Kingston, crying only when I inadvertently woke you up as I shifted to re-buckle my seat belt. We had the entire back row of the small plane to ourselves and I had stretched my legs.

You truly are an amazing traveler and make it so easy on me when I’m dreading a long day ahead of us. Everybody was astonished at how quiet you were and how adorable you are. I am one lucky mom!

Also, when we were in Vancouver, I got the best email! I received an email telling me I was the winner of a refurbished VitaMix! As you can see, those things are quite pricey (even if re-furnished). All I had to do was to write an essay telling the people of the Eat to Live website how a VitaMix would help me keep a nutritarian lifestyle. I did so and sent my essay, not thinking anything would come out of it and today, I was informed my essay was picked for one of the VitaMix! I am ecstatic! No more fighting with the blender in the morning for my Green Monsters! That was the beginning of a great trip! Then, I was pleasantly surprised by your Grandma’s desire to help me eat nutritarian while I’m staying with her and your Nonno! I was afraid of falling off the wagon while on my trip, but it looks like the wagon will remain on the rails!

Now, I’m off to try calling your Dad before I crash into bed!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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