1st cold…

Sweet Monkey,

I had a really hard time putting you to bed last night. I tried everything, from taking you for a walk in the Ergo (man, you’re getting heavy for me to do that!) to lying down next to you, to no avail. I finally went to bed at 2330 (way past my bedtime!), only to have you wake up at 0200. I had to rock you back to sleep until 0230 and barely fell asleep until you woke up again at 0400 and 0600. I took you to bed with me where we “slept in” until 0730.

Upon feeding you breakfast, you were sneezing and tons of mucus was spewing out every time you did so and you felt a bit warm to the touch, although after checking your temperature, you were fine. I gave you a bit of Acetaminophen, just because your eyes were all red and sickly looking. You had a nap and when you woke up, you looked a bit better. Today was supposed to be a shopping day with Mamie, but instead, we all laid low. I made sure to replenish my supply of Ibuprofen for you and got myself a thermometer to check up on you. You had a lovely 2.5hrs nap this afternoon and went to bed very easily tonight, albeit, later than your usual bedtime. I only hope you won’t pass your cold along to Mamie, that’s the last thing she needs right now!

All day today, Mamie was telling me how proud of me she was for having lost all the weight I’ve lost so far. She was telling me how pretty she thought I was and how a good Mom I was to you. It felt good to hear those words. Your Dad says them to me on a regular basis, but I sometimes wonder if I’m doing a good job as a Mom to you. I can only do the best and I guess it’s good enough according to your Dad and Mamie! 🙂

I hope you get a good night of rest (and so do I!) and you feel better tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a picture of the two of us taken last Saturday. I think it’s a pretty great shot and wanted to share it with you!

Hmmm. I wonder where you learned to stick your tongue out like that?!?

Sleep well little Cocotte, I like seeing healthy much better than seeing you all sick 😦


Mom & Dad Xxo

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