Home, truly, is where the heart is.

Sweet Rina,

On our walk with Mamie yesterday, she was asking me if I missed living in Montreal. I said to her that I truly miss being close to my family and close friends, but that I didn’t have any emotional attachment to the city or the province itself. Don’t get me wrong! Leaving the city the 1st time around was HEARTBREAKING! I was miserable and homesick for half a year in Victoria, finding it hard to make friends and adjusting to life in general where I knew nobody. However, I had your Dad and it was all I needed to know that I could make it there.

Now that we’ve lived on the west coast for over 3 years, I still can’t call Victoria home, but neither is Montreal. I just feel like I could pick up and move anywhere in the world and I would feel the same. As long as I’m with you and your Dad, I’m home. Although, if you gave me my dream east coast beach house either in Kennebunkport (Maine) or in Cape Cod (Massachusetts), I’m pretty sure I would be able to feel some sort of attachment! 😉 Then again, maybe I would do so because we vacationed there when I was a kid. There is just something about an east coast beach house that I would love to live in!

This morning, I woke up to rain and the sound of thunder growling outside. It reminded me of another thing I miss from the east coast: spring thunderstorms. We don’t get them in Victoria and I miss them. I used to love being caught in the warm downpour of the spring showers and seeing the lightning and thunder. Oh well, maybe, when we’re old and retired, your Dad and I will watch another springtime thunderstorm from the front porch of our east coast beach house… It doesn’t cost much to dream, right?!?

As for you, I hope that we will be able to make you feel loved and appreciated no matter where you are in the world. Just know that no matter where you end up in the world, you will always have a home to go back to as you will always live in our hearts.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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