New ways of traveling and almost back home!

Sweet Rina,

Yesterday, we went to meet up with some friends of mine from my 1st job as a nurse. We met up at a nice vegetarian buffet-style restaurant that had a lot of vegan options, right up my alley! 🙂 Since it was “in town”, Mamie dropped us off at the closest métro station (that’s what we call the subway here) and we were off to another traveling adventure. I tell you though, getting around in the métro with a stroller makes you appreciate that neither of us is handicapped! There is very little stroller friendly access to this means of transportation and I had to lug you up and down many staircases. I was also grateful for strangers’ kindness in helping me out with getting you up the stairs in your stroller. That was a workout in itself and I was sweating by the time I got to the restaurant!

You should’ve seen your face on your first métro ride! It was priceless! You were all quiet in the stroller, hanging on for dear life to both sides of the stroller with white knuckles and your eyes were just taking it all in. However, like the grand traveler you are, the ride back left you undisturbed and you were getting sleepy. We also got lucky that my friend Rox helped us out getting to our métro line and helped me manoeuver the stroller around! It was great to see familiar faces and get to enjoy their presence before we will head back home.

I love being with friends and family, but as I’ve told your Dad, it’s probably the last time I travel with you by myself. It takes a lot out of me to be on the go and make sure I don’t forget anything behind and be on “mommy-duty” 24/7. It’s weird. I was talking to a Caro about that. When your Dad isn’t around, my stress level goes up a bit more just because I know I’m the one who will have to wake up in the middle of the night when you cry because you’re all stuffed up, I’m the one who needs to get up in the morning, I have to do all the packing and planning and making sure I don’t forget anything to bring with us on the plane tomorrow (toys, food, meds, etc). It takes a lot out of me and I can’t wait to be home and get a little break from being “on” all the time. Although, this break will be very short as we get home tomorrow and your Dad has to leave Friday for the weekend. Next week should be better.

Speaking of Caro, I was sad to hear that her and her family (husband and little Anna) are moving back to Quebec next week. I knew this was coming, I just didn’t know they would move so fast 😦 It was nice to have someone to speak French with while in Victoria, now I don’t even know if we’ll get a chance to see them before they leave. Oh well, sometimes in life, people come and go and you just have to make do with it.

Today, we’re lying low. I’m doing laundry so I won’t have a lot to do when we get home and making sure I pack everything and don’t forget anything behind. I’m also making sure you’ll be up for the trip tomorrow as we all have a cold right now in the house: Grand-Papa, Mamie, myself and you. 😦 Thankfully, Mamie just has a cold and it won’t be anything more than that so she can still get her chemotherapy treatment next week. Keeping my fingers crossed as there are only 2 treatments left! Here’s to a healthy remission!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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