We’re home!

Sweet Monkey!

We finally arrived home yesterday after a very long day of flying. Our first flight from Montreal to Vancouver was 5hrs long. It seemed a lot longer because you spent 3.5hrs of it either crying or whining. 😦 I guess the combination of teething, having a cold and the pressure in your ears was not a good one and you sure let me (and everyone else on the plane) know about it! The only time you were quiet was when you slept for a bit. I tried giving you Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, but nothing was helping you, so I just let you cry (what else was I supposed to do?!?) Meh!

I was just really glad to see Jenn at the airport (she came to pick us up with her lovely Stu because your Dad couldn’t get off work in time to get us). I love them so much, they are the cutest couple I know and Stu was all concerned about his driving because he “had a baby in the car”! That made me laugh! We came home and Stu and Jenn helped me unload while your Dad was in the shower and then it was time for some family cuddles! I can assure you your Dad really missed us, he wanted to hold you and look at you, had flowers waiting for me on the table and the whole place was spotless! He helped me put you to bed and then we talked and cuddled on the couch.

We all had a good night of sleep and I woke up refreshed. We had a doctor’s appointment for you (check up your weight and height) and although you’ve gained 4.5lbs in the last month, the doctor wants to see you again next month. Ugh! Like I only have to do that with my life, going to doctors appointments to weigh and measure you. By the way, apparently you grew 6cm in the last month also… My guess it that last month’s measurement was wrong. It puts you back into the giant category at the 90th percentile, but you’re still at the 50th percentile for your weight.

After the appointment, I went grocery shopping to buy some fresh veggies. I was surprised to step on the scale and see that I had lost weight as I was expecting to have gained a bit while away. 🙂 I am now 12lbs lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant with you! That means I’ve lost 37lbs in the past 10 months! Yay me!

We came home, fed you lunch and you went for a long nap while I cooked and unpacked our bags, went through my mail (bills only, I’ll read the magazines later) and tried to relax a bit. I was thinking of going for a walk with you when you got up, but you were all stuffed up and runny nose, so I thought better of it and decided to stay home with you and take it easy for the afternoon. You went to bed without any fuss and hopefully, you’ll sleep through the night again tonight. You haven’t given me many full nights of sleep while we were away and I need to catch up a bit on lost sleep.

I just finished (finally) putting pictures (of you) in the magnetic frames we had on our fridge and will look into the cd that came with my Vita-Mix! I played around a bit with it this morning and I can already tell, I’m in love! It works beautifully and is a breeze to clean! I can’t wait to use it to create more healthy and tasty recipes!

Sleep well my lovey and I hope you feel better in the morning!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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