Sometimes, the hardest part is actually the easiest

Sweet Monkey!,

Since your Dad was away yesterday morning and it was a very sunny crisp fall day, we got an early start to it (6am, thanks to you!!!) and I was ready (and willing) to go for a short hike with you by 10am. I decided to take us up Mt. Doug. It had been a while since we had been hiking and I wanted something a bit more challenging than Christmas Hill. Up we went to the summit. I was huffing and puffing and as we crossed many other hikers, we also received a lot of encouraging words. I guess people thought (accurately) that going up with a baby on my back was a good workout.

Lovely view of the pumpkin patches

Misty morning atop Mt. Doug

You look tired, but you didn't sleep

I thought for sure that I would get  a more challenging workout going up than down, but I had forgotten about the little pitch just before the summit. It is quite steep and sandy. Add to it that it had rained for 2 days previous to our hike and the trail was covered with wet leaves. I took my time going back down as I didn’t want to slip on a leaf atop a rock.

We came back home and reunited with your Dad later on. It was nice to finally all be together after almost 3 weeks of being apart. As for today, it was crazy busy: I cleaned the bathroom, did 4 loads of laundry (including beddings, which I dislike with a passion!), took care of reinstating my nursing license (for my return to work in just over a month 😦 ), did some cooking,  a 2hr walk/errand run where I put you in your stroller and we walked to the Salvation Army to give away books, get some grocery and walk all the way back to Walmart for some supplies I needed. Through it all, you only napped for about 1hr. I was hoping you would nap this afternoon, but no such luck. You were pooped by bedtime though and went down easily. I am also very tired, but really wanted to get back in the habit of my yoga practice at home so I did a 30mins Yoga Tune-Up DVD and am now relaxing on the couch. Tomorrow will be another busy day, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to go outside at some point in the afternoon.

Sleep well my gorgeous girl!


Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, the hardest part is actually the easiest

  1. Alexis and I hiked to the peak of Mount Doug with my dad last month. I loved it! I was wondering… could I borrow Rina’s pack one day to try it out? Please!!! 🙂

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