Hurricane Rina

Sweet Rina,

Funny enough, although your name is not a mainstream one, there is a hurricane developing off the Caribbean coast of Mexico and its name is Rina. Spelled exactly like your name. Although the hurricane is developing far from where we live and won’t affect us in any way, I sometimes feel like it is living in our living room! You are crawling into everything, throwing your toys around, making sure  to spread everything and pull on everything!

Yesterday, I was trying to work a quick yoga DVD while you were playing next to me and, although it wasn’t the best yoga practice, it was one of the funniest I’ve done! You were crawling all over my mat, crawling between my legs while I was doing Utthita Trikonasana, standing right under my face while I was trying to do yoga push-ups! It was quite funny and even if I didn’t pay complete attention to my poses, I quite enjoyed having you rolling around with me on the mat. Hopefully, you’ll become a little yogi and learn to enjoy the stretches with me!

Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Hurricane Rina

  1. Isn’t it incredible how quickly they can get around crawling?!?!? I put Alexis down, turn away for 5 seconds and she is gone! My friend does yoga and by the time her daughter was two years old she was copying my friend’s poses and getting her dolls to do them too. It is very super cute!

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