Back at it

Sweet Rina,

You have another cold. This one’s a real one, too! You are full of mucus, so much so that you panic when you go to bed as you can’t breathe normally. Two nights ago, you were up until midnight (way past your bedtime missy!) when I finally jumped into my car and drove to the drugstore to buy you some saline solution and a humidifier (at an extortionate price!) for your room with the hopes it would help you with your nasal congestion. I came back home to find both you and your Dad fast asleep in your respective beds and I decided to do the same instead of risking waking you up with installing the humidifier. The last time I looked at the clock it said 0200 and then you were up at 0500 for a good hour until you settled and slept in until 0915.

You managed to have an ok day yesterday, despite being all stuffed up, you flashed us your toothy grin, but we could tell just by looking at your red-rimmed eyes that you were not up to 100%. You did, however, manage to really start “furniture walking” and even gained some speed doing it! Because of my short night, I skipped my yoga class today, but I fully plan on going today with your Dad’s full consent that I do need some “me” time. It will be good to be back at it after a month of not going (due to travelling and all).

Last night, you stayed up a bit later than usual (your usual bedtime is around 1900 and you were up until 2100 last night) and you’ve had a pretty good night. I could hear you whimper in your bed from time to time, but you always settled back into sleep on your own.

We also met with you Nanny last night to discuss her schedule to take care of you when I go back to work. She has her schedule for the month of December and we’ve discussed her wages and our expectations of her and everything is in place for her to start looking after you on December 1st. Exactly 31 days from now. Ugh! As much as I love my job and I know you need to interact with other people, I think my heart will break a little  on that morning, as I leave you for 12hrs+ to re-enter the working field. I am, however, confident that your Nanny will do a wonderful job taking care of you and she even has agreed to speak French to you, which I wasn’t expecting, but am ecstatic about!

Be good to your Dad while I go to yoga and I will see you shortly my little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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