Could it be, we’re back on track?!?

Sweet Rina,

Ever since we got back from our trip on the east coast, you have been all out of whack with your sleeping pattern. I guess at first it was thanks to the jet lag and then you got this nasty cold (which you still have!), but tonight, you fell asleep at your “usual” time and have been sleeping since I put you down. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed that you are finally back into your old sleeping routine and will start sleeping through the night again. I’ll admit that it’s been particularly challenging for me as I really relish my “evening time” by myself. Those few hours where you are sleeping and your Dad isn’t home from work is when I can really unwind, whether it is reading all the blogs I follow, watch some TV or work on my translation project or just enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace. However, for the past 3 weeks, I haven’t had the luxury of this quiet time by myself, let alone an uninterrupted night of sleep in well over 5 weeks and it has taken its toll on me. So for tonight, I am thankful you seem to be sleeping well! 🙂

In other news, you had your 1st eye check-up today. I was getting one for myself and the ophthalmologist was asking if you’d had your 6-months check-up (for your eyes). I had no idea you were even supposed to get one at 6 months and I know our *wonderful* doctor did it. the doctor today was nice enough to throw yours in at the same time as mine! You seem to have a bit of astigmatism in your left eye (just like me), but nothing to be worried about right now and it could’ve been a fluke according to the ophthalmologist. You’ll have your next check-up around 2 years old. As for me, my astigmatism has gotten a tiny bit worse, but it’s still very minor. I ordered my contact lenses and will get new glasses when I start getting paid from work as my money from my maternity leave pay is not getting me very far lately. With your birthday, Christmas and having to renew my nursing license, I’m living on pennies right now, but don’t worry, we’re doing just fine! It just means I have to be a bit more frugal than usual! 😉

I was just taking a short break from my translation work to update the blog, but I should really get back to it seeing as I haven’t been able to do any this week. You see, I’m helping out with the French translation of Eat to Live. My name (as well as many others) will be in the contributors of the e-book when it comes out! Not bad, right?!? 🙂 I just hope it will help many other readers out there to eat healthier, I know it has helped me tremendously and I’m eating delicious foods, losing weight and not feeling deprived through it all!

Here are a few pictures I took recently of you, just because I like them!

You were all skin and bones in your Halloween pyjama!

Up to no good, making a mess of my linen closet!

Sleep well little angel!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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