Will you finally catch a break?

Sweet Rina,

Just as I thought you were on the mend, you woke up this morning with a red rash all over your trunk, neck and back. I waited to see if it would subside, but after waking up from yet another nap (you went from napping once a day to 3x/day!!!) and not eating well, I called Mamie for advice and decided to take you to the walk-in clinic close to our place. It turns out, the doctor thinks it’s either roseola or scarlet fever. Although you don’t have a fever anymore, your energy level is still low and you’re not the laughing, silly baby I’m used to. I really hope you get over this quickly and we can move on with our lives! In the meantime, I make sure to offer you more bottles than usual so you keep nice and hydrated since you don’t eat as well. I’m just a bit sad because we are supposed to meet with our doctor in 2 weeks to weigh you (yet again) and I’m sure you won’t have gained as much as she will want you to have. Oh well, she can shove it as far as I know and you can be sure we are not going again next month. I’ve had enough of wasting my time in her office to plop you on a scale.

I really hope you get better soon.

As for me, your Dad was kind enough to watch over you as I went out for my second “run” of the week. It went well again and my shins are still fine. Keeping my fingers crossed! There are no words to explain how healing and energizing those 30mins to myself are. It allows me to think about things, sort my thoughts, clear my head and mainly… breathe. I’m lucky enough to be able to run on trails surrounding a nature sanctuary and with the fall colours out, it is also MY sanctuary. When I,m out there, it’s just me and the birds and the mud and the smell of wet leaves. It puts me in a calm place and helps me deal with the rest of my day. Simply put, I love it!

Sleep well little angel and get the rest you more than deserve,

Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Will you finally catch a break?

  1. Poor Rina! She has had a rough couple of weeks. I hope she feels better soon. And hopefully your doctor decides she is a big enough girl not to be seen monthly! If Rina is feeling better next week would you like to go for a walk? My last one before returning to work 😦

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