While the cat’s away…

Sweet Rina,

I haven’t posted in a few days because there’s nothing much new and happening here lately. It’s pretty much the same routine. I’ve been running and have kept it up and although I went out for a quick one yesterday, I realized when I came home that I’d forgotten to do one interval. Oh well, I’ll just do an extra workout this week! So far, my shins are holding up well and I’m hoping it will stay that way.

We went on a nice walk around Swan Lake too and I took some nice pictures before we ended up caught in the rain. This morning, you stayed home with your Dad while I went on another loop around Swan Lake / Christmas Hill with Miss L. She had never been on that loop and it was nice to see her appreciate the colours of our surroundings. Sometimes, I guess I take it for granted because it’s “our usual loop”, but it truly is a gorgeous and serene place to be walking around.

Festive berries in a tree

Could you be any cuter?

Swan Lake at its best on an autumn day



One of my favorite

Fall around Swan Lake

Miss L atop Christmas Hill, taking it all in!

Cloudy skies from Christmas Hill

When we came back home from our stroll this morning, your Dad had this picture to show us. Apparently, you managed to get into the fireplace and had a grand ole time eating some of the ashes!

While Mama's away, Rina gets into some ashy trouble!

You are such a monkey!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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