Chilly run and Celebration!

Sweet Rina,

I ended up going for my run this morning and even though it was quite chilly outside (about 4°C), I warmed up quickly after my 1st running interval and it was a nice weather to be running in. There was frost all along the trail, that’s how chilly it was! I was pretty much the only person on the trail for the 1st half of my run, until I caught up with a group of teenagers. I think they were out on a school outing and I managed to pass all of them (thankfully as they were taking up all the trail!)
I came back home and called Mamie to wish her a Happy Last Day of Chemotherapy! Today, she received her last chemo treatment and it’s one phase of her recovery done! She has done so well with her treatments and I’m really proud of her. She remains positive through it all and I am very proud to have her as a mother!
Now, Since it’s a beautiful sunny day, we’re gonna go run some errands and enjoy the sunny outdoors on our way back!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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