Grumpy is as grumpy does

Sweet Rina,

I think you’re teething again. You are a bit cranky and are sleeping a bit more than usual. It’s OK though, I,m also a bit crankier than usual. I think it’s my way of dealing with the fact that, in 15 days, I will go back to work and won’t be able to be with you 24hrs/day. I think it will be a good thing though because you seem to be showing some preferences already when it comes to your daily activities and I’d like to break that cycle. I’ve noticed that when your Dad steps in to take care of you (feed you or give you a bottle), you don’t eat or drink as much as you normally do with me. Therefore, I think having someone else taking care of you will be a good thing for all of us.
Speaking of your Dad, he’s been working really hard lately and he is really tired. I’m letting him sleep in this morning so he can get the rest he fully deserves. When he wakes up, I’d like to go for my run if that’s possible at all. I’ve already cleaned your room and the living room and I’ll do our bedroom when your dad wakes up, after I’m back from my run.
In other news, we had a lovely Christmas mini photo session this weekend and from the preview I’ve gotten from our lovely photographer, they’re gonna be great! I can’t wait to see them all! In the meantime, here’s a little preview!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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