Thrifty shopper!

Sweet Rina,

Today, I was on the hunt to find you a snowsuit. The weather has been getting colder and colder and I’ve been layering you with leg-warmers under your pants to try to keep you warm when we go for walks or short hikes, but even though you don’t complain while we’re out, I just want to make sure you’re nice and toasty. I had a coupon to a kid’s clothing store that would make me save the taxes on my purchase and so, we trudged along.
I was expecting to pay around $100 for a decent snowsuit for you and I was right after browsing around in the store. A duo of coat and snow pants would have set me back around $110 before taxes. However, the color I wanted to get for you was out of snow pants. I asked the clerk if they had more, but they were all out 😦 She then mentioned that they had one-piece snowsuit on sale and that maybe I could find something that would fit you on that rack. Lucky for us, we did! We’ve found you a nice snowsuit that has nice booties and mittens that can be snapped to the inside of the suit so they don’t get lost! And since I was saving so much money, I decided to get you 2 pyjamas, a hat to go with the snowsuit, a pair of socks and we got a free stuffed monkey because we were spending over $60. All in all, my total came up to just under $65. I may not be a candidate for Extreme Couponing just yet but it wasn’t too bad if you ask me! You’ll be pretty cute and cozy in yours snowsuit!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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