You’re bilingual!

Sweet Rina,

Last night, you said your 1st official French word! You’ve been saying “Mama” for a few months now, but that doesn’t count because it sounds pretty much the same whether you say it in French or English. However, yesterday and this morning, I got you to say “Papa”. Your Dad didn’t believe me this morning, but I got you to repeat it after me!
Because it was a nice sunny (cold) day, I bundled you up in your new snowsuit and we walked along the golf course. When we arrived at the “Duck Pond”, we stopped so you could have a good look at all the duck and pretty soon, we were surrounded by A TON of ducks! I think they thought we were going to feed them, but I didn’t have any bread for them.

That's how close they were to your stroller!

After stopping to say hello to your Dad (he’s working today), I re-bundled you and we came back home. If anything, it was a bit colder because the wind was picking up at times, but I’m glad to say that when we got home, you were nice and warm from head to toe, just how I like you!
We then played your new favorite game: I get on all fours in the living room and we race around the coffee table where you chase me until you catch me! I really need to get your Dad to shoot a video of this as you giggle so much when we play that game!
As for me, I’m facing a big dilemma. I’ve started to send you all the entries to the blog by email and I know I want to eventually print out the blog and bind it into a book, but as far as keeping it up after your 1st birthday, I’m not completely sure that I will. I probably will continue to send you emails, but I probably won’t publish them. I find I’ve been censuring myself throughout the blog (I obviously can’t talk about my work or more personal issues that I deliberately chose to leave out of the blog because I knew it was “out there” for everyone to read. The joy of the emails is that I will be able to write to you about anything I want, without feeling the need to censure. We’ll see. Like I said, I haven’t made up my mind yet.
Mom & Dad Xxo

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