1 week

My sweet Rina,

One week from now, I will come home to a sleeping baby after being at work for my 1st day back. I don’t know how it’ll go or how I’m gonna feel when I come home and I’m really trying not to anticipate it. I’ll try my best to just go with the flow. In order to do so, I’ll have a little bit of you with me on that day. I treated myself to a nice necklace with an imprint of your pinkie finger on the medallion. I got the medallion from a friend of mine who does wonderful jewellery on Etsy. You can see her wonderful display here. Hopefully, having that medallion close to my heart will help me get through the day. I’ve taken a picture of it, but it really doesn’t do justice to the quality of her work.

My best attempt at a picture of the pendant

To help me deal with it all and since I can’t run because of my shins, I’ve taken up spinning again. I go to the club when your Dad has some down time and he can supervise you while I get on the bike. I’ve been going for the past 2 days and I’ve found a nice little workout that gives you RPM guidelines so I make a playlist on my phone with music in the same RPM range and go at it following the workout guidelines. I find it helps to be out of the house and exercising when the weather has been pretty crappy (typical fall weather for the west coast) lately. I really need to be out and doing stuff, otherwise, I notice that I get in a real funk. At least, it’s a healthy way to cope I guess!
As for you, you are having a hard time with your teething again and would not go to bed tonight. You ended up falling asleep 40 mins later than usual. Let’s just hope you’ll have a decent night of sleep!
Mom Xxo

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