Oh. My. Muscles!

Sweet Rina,

I’ve started a new workout today. It’s called ChaLean Extreme. I was looking for something to do when I’m at home with you because it’s a bit hard to find time to go to the club and hop on the spinning bike when your Dad is free to look after you. Anyhow, I was contemplating doing P-90, which builds you up to P-90X, but after checking things out with your Dad, he recommended I start with the ChaLean Extreme since it is lower impact and therefore, my shins could heal and not suffer from it.
I did my 1st workout this morning and already I can say: OH. MY. MUSCLES!!! I could go on and name all the muscles that are sore right now, but it would be a very exhaustive list! Let me just tell you my back, upper arms, legs and butt are already sore. Thank goodness tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day! It feels good to be sore though; it’s not a soreness that prevents me from moving around. It’s the kind of soreness that reminds me I have muscles I haven’t used in a very long time and they’re being re-awakened!
I’ve also spent a big part of the afternoon with your Nanny to try to get her used to your schedule and see where we keep your clothes, food and dishes in the house. I feel confident that you’ll be well taken care of and you even gave her a kiss before she left! You’re such a flirt! As for me, I think I’m ready to go back to work on Thursday. I won’t lie, I’m still dealing with my issues about leaving you, but I think I’ll do ok. If only my face could calm down and stop breaking out, I’d feel a bit better, but I guess that’s how I’m expressing my stress! Lovely!
We’ve had a very quiet family weekend last weekend. I’ve put up the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. I was a bit afraid you’d go play in the tree so I only put lights in it, but so far, you don’t really care about it! You are such a good baby girl!
Sleep well my love!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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