Sweet Rina,

Today was my last day on maternity leave and I have to go back to work tomorrow. We had a wonderful day together, you took 2 naps and you were just the best behaved baby all day, which made things a lot easier for me to deal with. Your Dad surprised us and came home extra early from work and even had flowers for me. I guess it wasn’t a big secret that I am struggling with having to leave you tomorrow.
Everything was fine until we put you to bed. You won’t go to sleep, you’ve been crying (more like howling) your little eyes out and even though you are exhausted, every time we put you down, you just start howling again. All I can say is, I know how you feel. I don’t really want this day to end either and maybe if neither of us go to sleep, it won’t. Hang in there little Monkey, it will get better and even though I may not see you at all tomorrow, I will be thinking of you lots and will come see you 1st thing when I get in tomorrow evening.
In the meantime, get some sleep and please be nice to your Nanny tomorrow!
Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Bittersweet

  1. You guys are in my thoughts. I hope it’s an easy transition for you all. Take lots of pictures to hang or put in your pocket you can always see her precious face šŸ™‚

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