I got my baby back!

Sweet, Sweet Rina,

Let’s just say that it’s been  week really high in emotions for both your Dad and I. I made my return to work last Thursday and that part of things went really well. Although I still feel a bit disoriented at times around the unit (there’s been many changes since I left), it also felt like riding a bike at times as things were coming back to me.
The hard part was (obviously), not being to able to see you. You were also VERY MUCH under the weather for the past 3 days: not sleeping, drooling insane amounts of spit, not eating and barely drinking (you were down to about 10oz/day). I was getting worried about you and just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t dehydrate. You gave your Dad and amazingly rough time with barely sleeping 5hrs/night while I was working my night shifts and, I have to say, he really impressed me with keeping his cool with you as he’s also sick (laryngitis). I’m pretty sure I would’ve cried a few times had I been home to deal with you.
He called me last night at work and after he told me about your status, I told him to bring you to the ER and I went to meet you there. My team was really nice and they allowed me to take my break so I could be with you all in the ER. You showed up at the perfect time as you were in and out of the ER within 1hr as there barely was anyone there! I guess living in a small(er) town can have its advantages at times! It turns out, you have a pretty bad case of thrush (oral candida infection). I thought I’d seen some in your mouth yesterday, but wasn’t sure and you wouldn’t let me have a proper look. Anyway, the doctor gave us a prescription and we now have to keep giving it to you for the next 14 days. Already, you’re feeling better and you’ve had 220z of milk today and ate little bits of bread. You’re still drooling at times, but not as bad.
I came home this morning and your Nanny showed up shortly after to take care of you. Feeling confident that you were in good hands (she really is doing a good job with you and you seem to have worked your charms on her too!), I crashed into bed, put my earplugs in, my eye mask on and managed to sleep uninterrupted for 5hrs! When I woke up, I removed my earplugs and could hear you laughing and having a great time with your Nanny! I have to say, it was heavenly music to my ears!
As for you, you’ve been asleep for the past 30mins without a peep coming out of your room. I just hope that you get a good night of sleep as you really deserve it (and so does your Dad).
All’s well that ends well for my 1st set back at work! I’m now off for the next 4 days and it will be good to get my cuddles on with you and your Dad!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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