Happy 1st birthday!

My sweet Rina-Bear!

Today, you are turning 1. I can’t believe a year has gone by since you took your first breath. And you made sure to make us wait for that 1st breath! You can read all about your birth day here. It feels like it was just yesterday. You’ve taught me so much about myself over the past year; how I’m much stronger than I thought, you taught me about caring, giving, understanding, patience and you’ve made me grow so much both mentally and emotionally. You’ve changed me for the best, making me want to be my best for you.  In return, you have given me more smiles and giggles than I could’ve asked for. You are an amazingly funny girl and you love to make people laugh. You have also given me a tremendous amount of love and cuddles.
I remember when we used to cuddle in the early mornings out on the futon or the feeling of peace that overcomes on the rare occasions that you fall asleep in my arms at night.
I remember the evenings spent wishing you would stop crying when you had colics.
I remember your first smile, your first feed of solid foods, your first tooth. I remember when you first rolled over, when you stood for the first time, when you crawled.
You are changing on a daily basis and when I’m looking back, I see how quickly time flies by and I wish I could freeze time just for a bit. I wish I could keep my little baby girl. I know you’ll keep growing and will one day become a grown woman, but you have to know that you will always be my baby.
Your first birthday also marks the end of this blog. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about the blog until about 2 weeks ago. I’ve decided I will not keep it up, but I will, however, keep writing to you, just not on the blog. I will just email you whenever I feel like writing to you and you can read it when you’re old enough for it, if you feel like it.
For now, I will leave you with a few pictures from your birth and from 2 days ago.

Welcome to the world, little angel!

All grown up!

Pouty lips!

Happy birthday my love!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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