No burpees! Yay!

Second Crossfit session this morning. I was up at 0500 yet again, this time, not nervous or excited, but oh so very sore! I tried to get back to sleep, but BeZU woke up and I gave her a bottle before plopping her in bed next to Ben and getting up to get ready for class.

I didn’t realize this yesterday as I chose my outfit for today, but I was wearing all black. How fitting, considering I felt like I was marching towards my own death!

We had a different coach today because the owner is away at the Crossfit Games so every coach has to pull extra classes. It didn’t bother me to switch coaches, they are both fine coaches, I was just happy not to see any burpees on the board today!

Our skills today were deadliest, press and push-press. We all did that with a simple wood dowel, no weight added in order to get the for proper. I guess the weights will come later on!
Then came the WOD:
4 reps for time:
18 wall ball
18 double crunches
I had to scale this WAYYYYYYyyyyy down in order to finish so I did 10 wall ball and 10 double crunches with a 10# ball and that was torture enough for me! I finished with a time of 5:06. There certainly is room for improvement, but I finished strong with my last set of wall ball feeling very good as I improved my technique after some tips from coach Kirk. 
I am currently stuffing my face of oatmeal with carob chips (I had my banana before I left for the Box) and then I have to clean the kitchen and be a mom for the rest of the day. I’m hoping I’ll get to soak in more Epsom salt sometime today. My body is aching and screaming at me to just go back to bed so it can recuperate!

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