1st week done!

Today was my 3rd Crossfit session and it also marked my 1st week done!

We worked on the following skills using the wood dowels:

  • front squats
  • back squats
  • overhead squats
  • sot squats (Spelling?)
We also got to experiment front squats with the oly (olympic) bar (35# for women and 45# for men).
Then it was time for the WOD. I was shuddering just looking at its name…
Death by Burpees:
1 burpee in the 1st minute
2 burpees in the 2nd minute
3 burpees in the 4th minute, etc…
This means that as time goes by, you have more burpees to do in the span of 1 minute and your recovery time decreases!
I managed to do 8+8 (eight burpees in the 8th minute and only went up to 8 burpees in the 9th minute) coming in second to last! Lol! I honestly don’t care about my performance. Of course, I’d like to improve, but I really do enjoy the workouts and what matters to me is that I don’t stay on the couch all day and give it my all at the time!
Came back home to lovely jack hammer action in the backyard. They’ve been doing renovations on the bachelor pad we have in the backyard ever since the beginning of May!!! (yet another downfall of renting)We haven’t been able to enjoy the yard so much because I’m afraid the girls will step on nails and suck. I can’t wait for them to be done! 
Off to enjoy the weekend with my hubby and the girls!

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