Being sore is lovely!

After yesterday’s class, I felt great all day. I was tired, but not sore anywhere. However, as evening rolled by, I was definitely getting more and more tired. After we put the girls to bed, I was working hard on finishing my 1st knitting project (a cowl that I’m blocking as I type this post!) and I kept falling asleep mid row to the amusement of my husband! I managed to finish my cowl and went straight to bed.

Béatrice had a rough night: her 1st tooth has finally pierced, but the gum is really swollen. She barely drank during the day and was up from 0300 to 0400 when I finally gave her a bottle and she quickly went back to sleep afterwards (thank goodness!) and so did I until 0730 when we all got up. I could definitely feel some soreness in my glutes, my shoulders and my triceps. All those squats and burpees are slowly paying off! I like being sore, to me, it means I’m working my muscles and I’m slowly getting back into shape!

I wasn’t planning on doing anything special today, but Ben suggested we go to the pool with the girls and after Béatrice’s nap, we all piled up in the car and played at the Commonwealth Pool for well over 1hr before we took the girls back home for lunch and a nap. They are currently napping in the same room. This is my 1st attempt at having them nap together since Béatrice was born. I usually lied next to her in our bed until she fell asleep and then I would get up and about my business until I heard her cry in our room, but lately, whenever I go to get her, she has rolled around in bed and I don’t think it’s safe to let her sleep alone in there anymore… I’m afraid she’ll take a fall on the floor on of these days and I’m not gonna chance it. Rina doesn’t sleep anymore, but she gets 1hr of quiet time in her room, watching movies on her iPhone (Ben’s old iPhone which we have loaded up with movies and Netflix for her. She  has known how to navigate and use it since she was 2!) I’m just hoping she won’t wake up Béa when she’s ready to come out of their room!

Tomorrow, we’ll probably run errands and we plan on going to the market downtown on Sunday! A nice relaxing weekend spent with the little family. Those weekends are usually the best! Hope you have a nice one!

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