Girl Power (or something like that)

For Crossfit Day #4, it was only the women of the group that showed up for class! I’ve always said that women are the stronger sex, now we have proof! 🙂

Our skills for today were

  • Push Jerks
  • Pull-ups (kipping)
  • Box jumps
Hmpf! Let’s just say I will need a lot of practice for those three skills! I could barely tolerate to just hang off the bar for the pull-ups. We soon added a rubber band to help me out with that, but I could barely get the kipping movement going. I’m nowhere near a full pull-up anytime soon, but this is something to aspire to!
As for the box jump, I couldn’t even do one off the 20″ box so we had to use 3 x 45# plates stacked one on top of the other and that was my “box”. They should make boxes for fat little people, I would feel more confident! 😉
Today’s WOD was as follow:
7 mins AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
6 push-ups
8 front squats
10 box jumps
Scaling for me: push-ups on knees and box jumps off my 3×45# plates
I managed to do 4+19 reps (meaning I completed 4 full cycles and I was 5 box jumps away from completing my 5th set). 
Red and sweaty after Crossfit!
I can already tell I will be sore tomorrow, mostly in my shoulders from the pull-ups. Had to come back home with some cleaning and tons of laundry to do. I also took Rina for a walk to the grocery store while the sitter watched Béatrice. Both girls are now napping and I’m gonna knit for a bit while sipping my tea!

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