I can’t move!

It’s all good Crossfit, it’s not like I needed my arms today! Not like I have to lift and carry my daughters around or even brush my teeth, tie my hair or blow my nose… My arms are so freakin’ sore today, it’s not even funny! My trapezes, deltoids and triceps are one gigantic painful knot! Oh, well, I guess I’ll get them moving again tomorrow for day #5!

It was another busy day today with cleaning and then I took Rina for her 1st haircut ever while Béatrice stayed home with the sitter! We didn’t have an appointment and we had to wait about 30 mins before we could sit in the chair. It was a good thing as it gave her some time to get accustomed to the environment. Let me tell you, this place has it down for kids’ haircutting. Toys, stuffed animals (which I had to buy yet another stuffed puppy as a bribe for Rina to get through the haircut), glitter, nail polish, you name it, they have it!

The hairdresser was really nice and even though I had to hold Rina down with the grip of death (fought through the soreness of the arms and pinned her down on my lap with my legs!), she kept cutting through the screams and tears. After a few minutes of tantrum from hell, Rina realized she wasn’t gonna win this one and she just snuggled up against me and pretended to fall asleep… I guess she thought if she couldn’t see the hairdresser, she didn’t exist or something like that!

1st haircut certificate with before and after pics and lock of hair! She doesn’t even look like she was crying!

We then grabbed a quick lunch and came back home for nap time. I finally managed to cast on my next knitting project properly and wanted to work on that for a bit, but Rina wanted out of her room. We played quietly until Béa woke up and then I plopped her in the carrier on my back and we were off to see the duck around Swan Lake.

We came back home to relax outside before dinnertime.

She quickly got over the haircut trauma!

I haven’t let my hair down in a long time!

I was tired and just wanted to have my hair down for a bit. I don’t let it down a lot for 2 reasons:

  1. Béa is constantly pulling on it
  2. I have 2 bald spot that are slowly growing in, but look awkward. I always lose a lot of hair on both temples after I give birth and it’s growing in slowly, but it looks weird when I have my hair down. I have come to see those bald spots (like my stretch marks) as a badge of honour  for being a mom!
We came in for dinner and it was now time for Béa to have a meltdown!
What do you mean I can’t have jam with my applesauce!

After dinner, the girls were cuckoo just laughing and screaming at one another. I have a video of it, but it won’t upload here for some reason and I’m too tired to figure out why! The girls are finally in bed and I’m gonna go relax and knit for a bit! Early bedtime for me since I have to be at Crossfit tomorrow at 0700! Night, night!

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