Week 2 done and toughest WOD so far!

2nd week of Crossfit is officially done! It looks like we have officially lost 2 players in our group. 2 of the 3 men haven’t showed up at all this week so I guess they dropped out…

After we were done with the WOD, I took a picture of the board. I was so pooped, there was no way I would’ve remembered everything we did today so it was a lot easier to just take a picture and post it here:

We learned all about rowing today and I have to say, rowing is pretty challenging when you’re only 5’1″! Let’s just say I have to put in a lot of effort as my reach isn’t as long as other people. I think I did and ok job though and I managed to finish the WOD in 12:06! I only scaled the walking lunges (I didn’t use the med ball) and I managed to do both rounds of wall balls with a 10# ball. I came in 3rd out of 4, but I was still very proud of myself!
In the 2nd round of the WOD, I was pretty spent on the rower and at one point, I was ready to give up, but then I thought of why I was doing this and I imagined that I had to keep rowing because the girls were in the water up ahead and they were struggling so I had to keep rowing to bring them back to safety. A bit macabre, but it worked and I kept at it! I was shaking while stretching after the WOD so I guess it was a good one! 🙂 I came back home, had the rest of my breakfast (I only have a banana before leaving for the class as I can eat much more than that), cleaned up and I was able to go for a short nap with Béatrice. She didn’t sleep for long and I didn’t sleep at all, but it was nice to just lie there and listen to her sleep. The house was quiet as everyone else went for the weekly trip to Costco.
Next Monday is a holiday here so we won’t have a class. I think I’ll try to do some sort of workout at home though, because I don’t want to lose everything and 5 days is a long rest between sessions.
In other news, we have been lucky to have a completely dry month of July and it all ended this morning g when the rain came pouring down just as I was leaving for the box. I feel bad that my father-in-law just got here to play golf over the next 3 days with Ben and we have the 1st downpour in over a month! 
So far, I’m really enjoying Crossfit and I can’t see any changes on the scale yet, but I haven’t taken my measurements since the beginning and I won’t be until I’m done with the on-ramp. I guess, we’ll see then if there are any changes, but I can feel myself getting stronger. While working on the pull-ups today, it wasn’t as hard to just hang off the bar and I even managed to get some faint, but proper kipping done! 
Have a nice weekend all!

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