Holiday WOD

Today is a holiday and since there was only going to be 2 of us crossfitters that were going to show up for this morning session, we decided to postpone the session and add it to the end of our classes. Nevertheless, I decided to go and do a WOD on my own this morning! I just felt like moving a bit and didn’t want to be “off” for too long in between sessions.

I dragged my butt to the playground and decided to repeat the WOD from the 1st session seeing as it required no equipment whatsoever. I figured, if I run from one end of the field to the other and back, it would probably equal 200m (the distance at which I decided to scale the WOD down to). I also had to do all my burpees grandma’s style because the grass was still wet with dew and my runners kept slipping every time I tried to get back up. Then again, I probably would’ve switch to grandma’s style after the 1st round anyway! 😉

3X for time:
9 air squats
7 burpees

My Box, this morning (panorama shot from my phone).

I ran from one slab of cement to the other and back and thought it would be close to 200m.

 I was extremely surprised to see my finish time:

It can’t be, right?!?

I had originally finished with a time of 10:35 the 1st time I did this workout (but had also run 1X 400m before scaling down, maybe that’s why my time is so much better this time around)?

All in all, it was a decent one and I’m proud of myself for having chosen a WOD with burpees even though I could have technically taken the day off today! Like I said, I may be slow, but I will always give my all!

My father-in-law left to go back home this morning (he was visiting for the annual family golf tournament which he won this year) our agenda for the rest of the day is pretty laid-back: enjoying a day off with our little family. Maybe taking the girls to the sea wall or going to play in the water fountain at Uptown Centre!

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