Baseline and strep?

I debated whether or not I was gonna show up for Crossfit this morning seeing as I started having a sore throat last night and it was worst this morning. Knowing myself, I’m pretty sure it’s yet another case of strep. I ended up going to Crossfit and figured I would do my best, but take breaks as needed.

Here was what the board looked like this morning.

Have you seen the WOD???

The WOD was a definite killer and seeing as we still had 2 coaches and there was only 2 of us (women) that showed up, we couldn’t really slack off! I managed to finish with a time of 7:59. I scaled down the WOD to doing push-ups on my knees and pull-ups using the black band (biggest one there was!) I was just glad to finish to be honest! Those air squats killed me!

I came back home, showered and headed on over to the walk-in clinic to get my throat swabbed. We’ll get the results in about 48hrs if I’m positive for strep throat. Came back home to clean the kitchen and now that the babysitter is here, I’ll go nap for a bit.

Béa enjoying the fort in the living room!

Thank goodness for the sitter!

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