The WOD that broke me…

Today, (yet again) it was just Jill and myself for the class. I really don’t mind since we have 2 trainers (Caleb and Kirk) and it really feels like we’re getting individual coaching and therefore, the most bang for our buck!

Here was the WOD for today:

We didn’t do “Double Unders” as we are both not very good at them, so instead we doubled the amount at single skipping rope. It went like this:
100 single -> 10 thrusters
80 single -> 10 thrusters

I finished with a time of 9:24, using only the 35# bar without any weight on it and, yet again, I came in last out of the 2 on-ramp groups! Oh well!

Those thrusters were brutal! I kept having to take breaks and kept reminding myself why I was doing this:
“Keep it up Val, you’re getting fitter.”
“Keep going Val, you’re doing this for the girls. They need you fit and healthy and in good shape.”
“Come on Val, you want to be able to play and enjoy life with the girls, just keep pushing through.”
As you can see, there is a recurring theme for my motivation: my girls. Sure, I’ll be happy if I lose weight and get toned, but mainly, I’m doing this for myself first and for the girls’ benefit. I want them to look back in their childhood and remember an active family and upbringing. I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life and having 2 kids within 2 years hasn’t helped, but as long as I keep moving, I’m setting a good example for the girls. And if I end up looking a little better for my honey, it’s all gravy, right?!?

Why wouldn’t I want to be my best for these precious girls?!?

The last 2 sets were the worst mentally. I just kept thinking about the girls and not giving up and for some reason, I got very emotional and started crying. I hated myself for it. My girls mean the world to me and I wasn’t gonna give up. It was hard, but I kept pushing through, one thruster at a time. I was spent, but I finished nevertheless. I think the coaches were worried about me, but I’ll send them an email explaining where I’m coming from.

And now, we’re off to another family weekend of fun! Have a good one!

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