Crossfit in the big leagues!

Today was our jump from OnRamp to “normal” Crossfit class. We just transitioned with the 7am group that usually works out alongside our group. Once again, it was only the 3 girls from my original group of 6 that stuck with the program! 🙂

Here’s our workout for today:

I was glad to see a familiar WOD for our transition! I was also pretty happy about the skills. Although I’m not very talented at kipping pull-ups, I feel like I’m slowly understanding it a bit better and my hands are slowly growing calluses which (I hope), will help in the long run. Right now, I feel like a “chalk whore” though as I’m constantly using the chalk on my hands in order not to slip from the pull-up bar. Even though the coaches had lowered some of the pull-up bars, they were still too high for me to reach and I needed my booster (35# plate, 25# plate and 10# plate) in order to reach the bar. Oh well, good things come in small packages! I got some pretty good kipping swing with the green band and was pretty happy with that! 
As for the WOD, I scaled it to 400m row (I had a choice between the rower or the Airdyne… We all know how I feel about the Airdyne so I stuck with the rower. Thinking back now, I feel like I should have pushed myself to getting on the Airdyne. Maybe next time. I also added some weight to my dowel so all in all, I think I did my overhead squats with maybe 12# total. Small weight, I know, but we all have to begin somewhere. I can only improve from now. I know my finishing time was actually more than the previous time I had done this one (9:21 today vs 6:09 originally), but I rowed for a longer distance and increased my weights. I’ll take the longer time! 🙂
I’ve taken my measurements and progress pictures and after carefully thinking about it, I’m not ready to share all that with the entire world just yet, so I’ll keep them to myself and maybe I’ll post a 60-day follow-up. I will say though that my legs are definitely feeling stronger and so are my arms and shoulders, you just can’t really see any difference yet visually, so no point sharing pictures just yet!

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