Woot Woot!

Left home this morning surrounded by a thick fog. It made the day very gloomy, but I was ready for another Crossfit session. Got to the Box and the 0600 group was working out in pitch blackness. The doors were opened and provided the only light in the Box. I guess they ran out of power at some point, but the lights came back on as they were finishing their WOD.

Today was a repeat of a WOD we did only last week (as OnRampers, we had different WODs than the regulars, hence the repeat in the workouts).


We had to repeat the baseline and I’m very proud to say that I shaved off 1:04 from my previous time! I finished with a time of 6:55 today whereas I had finished in 7:59 last week. I used the same scaling for the WOD (i.e. knee push ups and used the black band for the pull-ups).

After my meltdown last week, I had a very good discussion with Coach Caleb about mentally preparing for the WODs and how to go about strategizing in order to perform better. I was usually going at it giving my 100% and taking a break when needed, but talking with Coach Caleb, he made me realize that maybe I should tackle things differently. For the WOD today, I went in thinking I’ll do 10 squats and rest after each set of 10, same thing after 15 sit-ups and after 10 push ups. The only adjustment I had to make was for the squats. There was no way I could do 10 after rowing so I broke them down into sets of 5 and just kept plotting through! I’m glad to see it worked out in my favour!

As for the skill work today, it was all new to me. We worked on our front squats, having to do 5 sets of 3 reps starting at 90 seconds interval. I used the 35# bar and slowly increased my weights as we progressed along. It was plenty of time to recover and I ended up sticking to 45# but I’m pretty sure I could have lifted heavier. I’ll have to give it a try next time.

Came back home and we were still surrounded by the fog and I could even hear the fog horns from our place!

Foggy front porch!

Have a good weekend and see you all on Monday!

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