I Rx’d the crap outta Felix! Booyah!

I know my title is a bit ghetto, but let me explain.

As per instructions (lord knows I’m a stickler for instructions, it’s because I’m a Type A!), I decided to start my squats at 45# and slowly increase from there. In my head, I thought I would go from 45# to 50# and 55#. I never said I was good at math because I ended up doing 45# to 55#, 65# and finished maxed up at 75#! Those 2 reps at 75# were challenging enough that I had a hard time getting up from my squat on the 2nd rep. I stayed at 75# for the last 3 sets. Not too shabby, considering I’m almost halfway through one of my goals!

Then, it was time to partner up for the WOD (Felix). I usually have a hard time with my rowing so I was gonna go into it doing the FG (Fitness Group) scaled version, but I was paired up with Raj and he was going for the Rx (as prescribed). I told him I could push myself to do it, that I won’t be fast, but I’d get ‘er done! I think we finished dead last, but I was just happy I had done my very 1st WOD Rx! Yay me! I was mostly afraid of the 1000m, but it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just paced myself and allowed for strong rows and longer recoveries and it seemed to work well for me. I saved my strength for the 500m and 250m in order to push a little stronger and attempt to sprint. I don’t know if Raj is happy with this time, but I sure am! 🙂

Yesterday, we went to play with Katie and her gorgeous twins. The girls had an awesome time and Rina slept like a rock! She was telling me how much fun she had with the girls and how she enjoyed playing in the pool. Katie has a really nice house on the beach and it was nice to be able to let the girls play outside without having to watch them like a hawk.

Look at that view! Béatrice was really enjoying it!


Pool time!


Our backyard has been hostage under renovation since the beginning of May, with rocks, rusty nails and lumber thrown all over the backyard as our landlords are renovating the bachelor pad in it. Can I just say that I’m way over this whole reno thing? Having to close the patio door when it’s hot outside because of the noise from the nail compressor (that has to be plugged in right next to my patio door) or to prevent all the dust from entering my kitchen. Not to mention the fact that we have no nice outdoor place to go and play, confined to the front yard that has no fence and is close to the street or that I have to move my car at least once a day to make room for the construction trucks… Yeah, I’m over it alright!

It’s another gorgeous day here and although I don’t know what I have in mind for the girls today, we’ll make the best of it. Now I’m off to be SuperMom for the rest of the day!

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