Cleaning out the air.

I’ve been on a cleaning out rampage lately. I like to keep my house clean. Although extremely disorderly, (it happens with 2 children when you live in a tight place) the house is dusted, vacuumed and mopped once a week. I have also tried to keep the back patio somewhat clean as I like (well, tolerate) sitting out there when the girls are napping, since it’s in the shade.

The wonderful view from our patio... :(

The wonderful view from our patio… 😦

I like putting things away and going to bed with toys and dishes and clothes out of sight. I will do more intense sorting out over the weekend when Ben is around to watch the girls so I can sort out the clothes that don’t fit them anymore and make room for new ones I just purchased for Rina. After spending $200, all I’m missing for her are 4 sweaters and a pair of winter boots (yes, I made a list of what she needed in order not to buy unnecessary items. I told you I was Type A!). I’ll make her a winter hat and scarf and she’ll be good to go! As for Béatrice, she gets to wear Rina’s old clothes and we save up that way. She’s too young to know any better anyway! 😉

The same goes for Crossfit. I know for a fact that there are many detractors of Crossfit out there (just google “why crossfit isn’t good for you” and you’ll see for yourself), but here’s the catch people. Do your own research. The coaches teaching Crossfit have no “university degree in Crossfit”. They have a certification offered by that they have paid for and attended classes for, but they are not necessarily personal trainers. Anybody can become a Crossfit certified coach. I know that. I also know that certain Boxes (crossfit gyms) are reputable for not caring about proper form when you are lifting and, again, I advise you, do your own research. If a Box isn’t willing to let you try a class for free, I would run away from it. If the coaches are not willing to answer your questions regarding form or if their advice doesn’t make sense, again, I would be skeptical. I’m a nurse and I understand how to move my body in an effective and safe way. I’ve dance for a number of years, done yoga and studied lifting on my own and with the help of my husband, a squash pro, as well as some trainers at the gym. Know your body and know your own limits. My coaches never push me beyond what I think I’m capable and I set my own limits. Our coaches are also always walking around when we work on skills, giving out tips and advice on how to better our form in order to prevent injury. Yes, you can get hurt at Crossfit, but you can also get hurt lifting a box with the improper body mechanics or sleeping in a funky way on your pillow.

I’m sick of people bashing Crossfit, when really, any kind of physical activity comes with its own set of risks, yet, you don’t hear people bashing running or speed walking for that matter. I think it’s time people stop being negative and start concentrating on the positive. I always say that I may have sucked at a WOD, but at least, I was out there and moving. Better than if I had stayed at home on the couch. Same goes for the runner, walker, hiker, surfer, you name it. Crossfit works for me. I like that it’s a competition with myself, it pushes me to get fit and move more, it’s in a group setting (which works tons better for me than the traditional gym setting) and it is fun (at least, it is to me)!

If Crossfit isn’t your thing, fine by me. I will never force you to try it.  As long as you feel comfortable in your hobby, sport, passion, who am I to judge, really? Therefore, I would appreciate you didn’t judge me on my knitting/crochet, Crossfit, parenting. Please and thank you! There is so much negativity in the world, could we not focus on the positivity instead?


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