I’m tired!

Today’s WOD was similar to what I applied to my life yesterday. I’ll get into the WOD and skill first and explain how it relates after.

For the skill, I managed to do the basic swing and almost managed the basic kip with a green band. I got up on the bar a bit, just didn’t manage to get my chin past the bar. All in due time and it’s improvement, so I’m not disappointed with it! 


Then, it was time for the WOD. I did the Rx version, but scaled it to my needs:

  • 25 single skips
  • kettle bell (Russian KBS) were done with a 18# KB as I couldn’t do the 30#. Our Box only has 18# and then it jumps to 35# (we only have 1 30# KB). I asked coach Cam if we could order in between and was happy to learn that we have some 26# ordered and on the way! Yay!

My best score was 1:41 and my worst was 1:44 so that brought my total for today at 3:25. Another PB, but it’s only because I’ve never done it before! I love being a new Crossfitter, seems like every WOD is a new PB! I know this will change as I progress along and the PB will get fewer and farther apart. I also discovered that I need to get some calluses on my hands STAT! My hands are in pain after attempting those kipping pull-ups.

So, how does all this relate to my personal life? Well, for one, I had to breathe and push through the WOD today. I was tired this morning and I didn’t feel like working out at all, but I went anyway and got it done, so, Yay me!, I guess!

Rina, wanting to kiss me through the window screen. Best send off to Crossfit!

Rina, wanting to kiss me through the window screen. Best send off to Crossfit!

I also had to breathe and push through for the past 2 nights. Remember that post when I talked about the renos going on in the bachelor pad in the backyard? Well, they were hammering away still when I was trying to put the girls to bed. Rina doesn’t mind so much as she could sleep through anything. She’s alway been a good sleeper. Béatrice is a different story. Just when I finally get her to sleep through the night (she’s been waking up at 0600 this week, which has been a blessing for me, no more 0200-0300-0400 wake-up calls), they decide to push through the renos well into the evening. Two nights ago, they kept it up until 2000. and Béatrice wailed until they stopped. I had to go and rock her to sleep and she had cried so much that she sobbed in her sleep well into the night. I was too livid to go talk to my landlord. Words would have come out flying the wrong way and I didn’t want to do that. I mean, do they not hear Béatrice howling and wailing??? Yesterday seemed to be going down the same road, but at 1930, I decided to go talk to my landlord, seeing if we could come to an agreement that they would stop the renos at 1900 when I put the girls to bed. I managed to stay calm and collected and the landlord agreed to stop at 7pm every night. Pfew! I don’t know what it is, but when my girls get thrown in the mix, I turn into this raging tiger! I’ve just been really frustrated with our living arrangements lately: the lack of yard space, the lack of living space, the lack of space period. Like I said, I’m pretty much done with this place, we just need to tough it out until next spring when we’ll decide if we buy or rent something bigger. Spring cannot come soon enough, but, once again, I just need to breathe until then!


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