I have recently discovered this new (to me) blog full of delicious looking vegan recipes and it has inspired me to cook beautiful foods again! The Nut Butter Cups recipe I posted earlier came from this very same blog and I modified the recipe by using unsalted roasted peanuts and natural peanut butter instead of almonds and almond butter because that’s what I had on hand.

Yesterday, I slaved in the kitchen for about 2hrs for the Winter Wonton Soup and I ended up flushing everything down the toilet… My wonton had all stuck together and although the filling tasted wonderful raw, I was sort of turned off by their taste once cooked. A huge disappointment as they were quite labor intensive and I’m not one to like spending a lot of time in the kitchen! Let’s hope things will turn out better for these: Corn Fritters and Dill + Cashew Cream Dipping Sauce as well as her Asian Quinoa Salad (replacing the pomegranate seeds with dried cranberries as pomegranate isn’t in season right now).

I was not looking forward to Crossfit this morning as I’ve been really tired lately (I know it’s because I haven’t eaten clean and it’s my own fault), but I still managed to go bright and early!

For the Push Press, since I had never done them before, I started with a few practices with the bar (35#) only and decided to start my sets at 45# and increasing 5# with every set, finishing off at 70#. I think I could have probably added more, but my lower back has been sore lately and I didn’t want to risk an injury so I erred on the cautious side. As for the WOD, All I have to say is: Thank goodness for coaches! I had grand ideas of doing the FG, but Coach Caleb forced me to do the TG. A good thing too as I felt like puking in the middle of my 10 burpees. I did manage to do burped step-ups on the 20″ box instead of plates and I scaled down the squats to 18#. My arms are still sore from the push press and the burpees…

In other news, I have made some design changes to the blog, trying out a new theme and deciding on a header picture to integrate to the blog. I have a concept of what I want that picture to be, but I haven’t yet managed to take a picture I like, so I’ll keep working on it! Some of you may have noticed that I recently started blogging again. This blog was originally intended as a love letter to Rina during my pregnancy with her and throughout her 1st year of life. When I went back to work, I decided to stop blogging as I was busy enough with work and family life. Although I still felt the urge to write every once in a while, nothing made me feel like it would warrant a post.

During my pregnancy with Béatrice, I was exhausted all the time and working full-time and taking care of Rina was enough for me. Now that I have somewhat of a schedule established with the girls, I find some down time during the day and I’m not one to sit idle, hence the blog has come alive again! I would still like the blog to be a letter to the girls, but haven’t yet found a format for it that pleases me, therefore, in the meantime, I just write! I hope one day, the girls will be curious enough about their mom to wanna come and read the blog!


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