Too tired to celebrate

Darling Princesses,

I just noticed this is my 301st post! That makes yesterday’s post # 300, but after last night, I’m just too tired to celebrate in any other way than Happy belated 300th post!

Here’s a recap of our night:

Ben came home late from work and forgot to give me a call so I stayed up waiting for him to get home (2300). We then stayed up together to talk a little bit and although I knew I was going to regret that decision, I stayed up until midnight (ugh).

0340: Rina calls out to me from her room. I go to see her and she sleepily requests: “a grilled cheese please”. Mmmmmm no! Go back to sleep, honey.

0400: Béatrice starts crying. I try to re-bundle her, but she won’t have any of it. 15 mins later, both Ben and I get up. He changes her diaper while I sleepily make her a bottle. Back to bed once she’s done.

0440: She’s still crying and I think she’s teething (who knows???) so I get out my trusted friend Ibuprofen and she soon falls asleep.

0515: Rina comes into our bedroom now asking for chips. It’s our fault really, Ben and I indulged in some Pringles last night and we didn’t put the container away before going to bed. Ugh. No sweetie, you don’t get chips. Come to bed with Maman and Papa. What’s that? You want your Dad’s iPad? Sure, as long as it keeps you quiet and I can get a little sleep (don’t judge unless you’ve been there yourself). I finally get up at 0800 and get the day started.

My lower back is complaining louder than usual, my biceps, triceps, deltoids and quads are all unhappy with me and they let me know. I guess I will have to stretch and roll (on the foam roller) at some point today (maybe when the girls nap?), but I have an exciting plan (for me, anyway) for us this morning! TARGET! After reading Terra’s (Flawed and Fabulous Mompost yesterday and at a loss of what to do with the girls since it’s raining today (btw, I’m still waiting for suggestions as to what to do for the next 6-7 months with the girls, so get creative people), I thought I would steal her idea and schlep us all to Target for a little retail therapy. After all, I still have a few sweaters to buy for Rina and maybe I can find them there. Also, I’m very much looking forward to a little Starbucks’ treat!

So there you have it! A little celebration at Target for today! If you’ve been reading from the beginning, thank you so much for your readership! And if you’ve recently joined us in our crazy adventure as a family, welcome and I hope you stick around for the next 300 posts!

As for you my girls, keep reading, It may not always be exciting and there will probably be more post about our everyday simple life, but this is the story of your lives.


Mom and Dad


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