Sweet Rina,

we dropped you off at pre-school earlier and the house is eerily quiet now that Béatrice is napping and you’re not here. I think the drop off went well. You only had a mild worried look on your face when we left, but you said: “See you later Mama.” after I said I would see you in a little while. The morning was a bit hectic (for me) as I had to feed you, your sister and myself, get myself showered and dressed and dress you and Béatrice, get your lunch box ready, identify your clothes, rain boots and change of clothes (in case you have a little accident while at pre-school) all before 0830. Everybody was ready to go and in the car at 0830 and we all (your Dad included) drove you for your 1st day!

You have your own little cubby-hole for your boots and coat and a spot for your lunch box. Then it was time for a bathroom break and wash your hands before you could go to the main room with all the other kids. I’ll have to buy you a new pair of “indoor shoes” that will remain at the pre-school as the ones we have right now are a bit small and you seemed uncomfortable in them.

I tried to take a few pictures of you for your 1st day of pre-school, but you would not sit still for very long… These are the best ones! The bow didn’t stay in your hair, it was a Christmas decoration you seem to have taken a liking to lately…

1st day of pre-school outfit!

1st day of pre-school outfit!

This is her "big smile" face!

This is her “big smile” face!

We came back home to an eerily silent house. I got some quick cleaning done before putting Béatrice down for a nap and now that the vacuum cleaner is away, things are utterly silent except for the rain falling and the clicking of both your Dad and mine’s computer. I have about 30 mins left before I’ll need to wake up Béatrice and go pick you up. I can’t wait to hear all about your 1st day at pre-school!


Mom & Dad Xxo



It seems you had a wonderful morning at pre-school: you made a collage, some bracelet-looking thingy and even used the bathroom to do your… hum… business 🙂 ! The teacher said it took a few times of you asking for the bathroom and on the 3rd one, she decided to sit you down until you were done. Fine with me as it’s pretty much what we do at home too! You even cried when Madame Carole said it was time to go home! I guess you had fun and it was nice for me to get some time apart from you. Next time should be a breeze, as your Dad will officially be in charge of dropping you off and I will be in charge of picking you up (to make it easier on Béatrice’s nap time). Looking forward to a great new year at school!

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