A “Day Off”!

I’d like to thank Stephanie for the inspiration for this post!

In French, the term for being on maternity leave is “congé de maternité” which loosely translates into maternity holiday! Arumph! Now, if you’re a mother on maternity leave and you have more than one child and your husband works anywhere from 10-12hrs/day, you’ll know full well that this ain’t no holiday hon’! I was awake at 0419 exactly (I know because I looked at the clock as soon as I opened my eyes) and had to nudge the hubby and let him know he was snoring. Great! Of course, I fell back asleep at 0450, exactly 10 minutes before the alarm went off so I could attend the 0600 Crossfit class. Béatrice thought 0500 would be an ideal time to have a meltdown as well. Good luck Ben, you’re on your own for this one, I have to get ready for Crossfit!

It’s funny, when it comes to Crossfit, I’m always eager as a puppy to go on Mondays, somewhat ok with going on Wednesdays and literally have to drag myself come Fridays! I’m sure it’ll get easier, right?!?

I was teamed up with a new (to me ) member of the 0600 class for the Front Squats and it was nice because we were at exactly the same progression! We both started up at 45# and finished up at 85#! A new PR for me! Yay!

As for the WOD, Although I managed to get 1 Double Under during the practice run, I stuck with the FG and did single skips, but upped my burpees to 8 for each rounds. I only resorted to “grandma’s style burpees” for the 2nd to last round, but I found inner strength for the last round and did them “big girl style”. Coach Caleb came up to me at one point and said I was the “queen of burpees”. I wouldn’t know about that Coach, but I certainly am doing a lot more in a row and a lot more sets of them than I did a month ago! 🙂

Came back home to a quick shower and served breakfast to the girls. I refuse to make coffee, it’s Ben’s job. Most mornings, I moan and whine for one until he gets up. I let him sleep in until 0800 this morning. 🙂

When breakfast was done and the dishes put away (I am the dishwasher in this household, on top of everything else!), I began cleaning the kitchen. I have a cleaning schedule: the entire apartment gets cleaned once a week, but I just split my cleaning over 3 days because it’s impossible to do it all in one day. Here’s what my schedule looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 2.06.09 PM

Having the list fits my Type A personality to a T!

So today was the dreaded Kitchen and Floors day. It always takes me FOREVER to clean the kitchen! Between cleaning all countertop surfaces, the fridge doors, microwave, stove top, polishing the wood furniture, vacuuming the floors and mopping them afterwards, it took me all of 2hrs today. It usually doesn’t last more than a few hours before it looks exactly like it did before I cleaned. 😦

Then, it was time for lunch for Béa and I as Rina only wanted to snack in the living room and it’s all about choosing my battles with her. After lunch, I made a soup recipe from a recipe group on Facebook (Merci Valérie!), and miracle, I had all the ingredients on hands (or almost) and the soup is now in my Instant Pot, keeping warm until dinnertime. I also made a batch of Babymama Unsweetened Cherry-Applesauce (I’ll make a recipe page for it later and will link it up to here) because the girls are crazy for applesauce lately. All the while, I had to avoid stepping on BeZU (her new favourite game is to crawl right under my feet while I’m not looking) and save Rina from an eye amputation (she had something stuck in her eye and had a bit of a fit about it until Mama made it better). That made cooking slightly challenging, to say the least!

Photo 2013-09-04 1 00 13 PM

Don’t you love my 1967 kitchen floor??? Good thing you’re cute Béa! And yes, I know, I live on the west coast and wear Birkenstocks… Sod off as the Brits would say!

I had all the best intentions in the world of sitting and picking up my knitting, but to be honest, I sort of just want to sip on my tea and do nothing for a bit, while the girls are finally quiet in their room. I know I’ll have to entertain them all over again when they wake up and I need to recharge for the 2nd half of my day. Some days, 1900 (the girls’ bedtime) cannot come soon enough and today is one of those days.

Photo 2013-09-04 1 42 04 PM

Rina’s 1st artwork

Rina’s artwork from pre-school yesterday. She stuck 2 heart-shaped stickers on a piece of paper. I placed it on the fridge where my weekly menu used to be and according to her, “it’s much better, mama!” That’s also a magnet with a picture of Rina at around 5 months-old. There are no recent pictures of her in the house and absolutely none of Béatrice. Yet another task I have to tackle…

“Congé” my arse!

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