Needlework Update

A few months before Béatrice’s arrival in our family, I was on a crochet binge, but for the last few months, I’ve replaced my obsession with knitting. Here are a few updates on my current, finished and planned and projects.

About 2 months ago, I finished the Big Herringbone Cowl and although I am very pleased with the finished result, I think it might be a bit too warm for me for Victoria winters and I haven’t quite made up my mind as to whether I was going to keep it for myself or gift it to someone else… The debate is ongoing!


Big Herringbone Cowl hanging off the front door. Its real colour is closer to the next picture for some reason.


Displaying the Big Herringbone Cowl. I’m just noticing now that I’m not wearing a smidge of makeup and I look exhausted. Meh! Such is life!

I also know that if I gift it to someone, I have enough yarn to make myself another one. 🙂

As for my current project Froth Mobius by Alice Tang, it’s been on my needles since July 27. I’m making very slow progress on it, but I think I will be able to make better progress now that Rina goes to pre-school. I was able to enjoy a glorious 45mins of uninterrupted knitting this morning while Béatrice was sleeping. It was great! This one will definitely be a present. I’m just not sure I will be able to finish it off for Christmas! I’d say I’m close to being halfway done!


I know, I’m using my interchangeable needles as straight needles, but that’s all I have! 😉

I’m using Rowan Fine Lace for this one, in colorway 923. The string yarn (somehow, I always want to say string as this yarn is soooo fine!) is really soft and Rina likes to grab my project and rub it against her face whenever I’m knitting next to her. I’m always paranoid she’ll get it dirty with her little sticky hands!

Once I’m done with this one, I’d like to cast on the Super Easy Blanket from my book Knits At Home. This one would also be a present, but I highly doubt it would be ready for Christmas. Not to mention I’d like to tackle knitting socks and making a stuffy for Rina and maybe trying my hand at knitting a sweater for myself… So many projects, so little time! That’s the beauty of knitting and crocheting! There’s always a next project in line!

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