It’s not easy being green!

As typically on Fridays, it was a challenge waking up at 0500 to go to the 0600 Crossfit class, but I made it anyway. I still looked like I had my pillow in my face when I showed up to the box, but to my amazement, we were 14 for the 06000 class! We totally rocked the morning WOD too! 🙂

Actually, it was my 1st shot at Wallup workout and as discussed in this post, I chose to decrease the bands to assist me in my pull-ups. During the Skill section, I 1st tried with a green and red band, but I still felt like my chin was flying over the bar, therefore, I removed the red band and proceeded to do y pull-ups with the green band alone. I managed to do 4 kipping pull-ups in a row so I figured I would stay at that for the WOD.

I was going to do the TG and do 3 rounds of 12 wall balls (10#) and do 8 pull-up, but during after the 3rd round of the WOD, I felt like I still had some gas in me, so I went in for a 4th round! I finished with a time of 6:35 and did all my pull-ups on the green band! I’m so proud! Not to mention that Coach Caleb also noticed I “graduated” to the green band 🙂

After the WOD, Tracey (Coach Caleb’s mom) came to me and said that Mark (her husband and COach Caleb’s dad. They also come to Crossfit at our Box. I guess they keep it in the family! 🙂 ) was impressed at how determined I was. That brought me to tears! Mark and I had been paired off together for the last two team WODs and I felt like I was slowing him down, so it was nice to hear he noticed I’m really pushing myself. I guess I see my time at the box as my one opportunity in the day to better myself so, heck yeah, I’m gonna push myself! Anyway, I left the box sobbing tears of joy at Tracey and Mark’s comments and kindness. Can you tell I don’t interact with adults much? LOL!

It was still a bit dark outside when I came back home and the fog was slightly rolling in from the ocean. I could also hear the fog horn blowing. The street was quiet and I took a selfie to celebrate my “graduation” to the green band!

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin', that was just coincidence :)

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin’, that was just coincidence 🙂

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

The house was completely silent when I walked in, but Rina heard me and came to greet me in the bathroom as I was washing my face. Poor thing came back from her 2nd day of pre-school yesterday shivering and with a runny nose. I knew what was coming: snot fest and stuffy nose. She has a low-grade fever today so it will be Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, fluids for her today. I will also go see if I can get some Kids 0-9 upon a friend’s suggestion. I’m glad Ben will be home until mid-afternoon until he has to leave for a tournament at the squash club. Maybe I’ll be able to run my errands kid-free! 🙂

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