Family weekend

After Ben came back from the squash tournament (he came in tied for 2nd place), we decided to take the girls to a new playground. Béatrice didn’t seem to notice, poor thing was too busy drooling and pouring snot out of her nose. Rina, on the other hand, had a blast! We tried to take a family selfie, but Rina didn’t want to come join us, she was too busy running around the playground!


Cuddles with sickie Béa

This morning, we went out for breakfast with Aunt Sassy and when we came back home, I put BeZU to bed and Ben took everyone else to Costco. I was glad to be able to enjoy some down time and dove head first into my Froth Mobius. I made some decent progress on it lately (I’d say I’m about 1/2 way done) and I’m really hoping to get it finished soon-ish!


As for now, I’m stealing some more knitting time on the couch with Rina. We are watching Super Buddies while Béatrice is napping!

Sunday dinner will be a weird version of spaghetti: spaghetti sauce served on quinoa as we are out of spaghetti noodles and we want to cut our carbs a bit after this morning’s heavy breakfast!

Another perfect weekend in our household!

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